I like to think that if we do one thing we love in our lives, we've found some measure of success. I've been blessed with finding ways to connect the things I love and creating new opportunities from those connections. After graduating as an English major from Georgetown University, I got a degree in graphic design and spent some fantastic volunteer time as an elementary school art teacher. While freelancing as a designer, I entered graduate school, and earned a degree in Art Education/Museum Studies. I created, facilitated, and enjoyed some amazing educational experiences at the Blanton Museum of Art in Austin, ArtPace in San Antonio, and at the Dallas Museum of Art. And of course, kept writing and editing for myself and others throughout.

I write poetry, travel, spend time with family, get involved in community service, and create art when I get the chance. I also assistant teach Indian dance, and take classes to further my own knowledge. And I rarely, rarely pass up a chance to eat dessert.